OSSE: 2016 Districtwide Assessment General Observation Checklist

General Observation
YesNoNot Observed*
Copies of letters to parents of students, particularly those who are in special populations, are on file
Secure items, tests and student access codes, among others, were stored in a secure area
There was an observable plan for the distribution of test materials (access codes, laptops, computers, test booklets, answer sheets) to test administrators and proctors requiring them to sign materials out
Adequate provisions were made for students who arrived late to school
Adequate provisions were made for students in grades that were not tested
All unauthorized electronic devices were removed prior to the start of testing
There was a process in place for determining student time on test
Computers, laptops, answer sheets and test booklets were set up/distributed and ready for student use at the assessment start time
Computer batteries and laptops were fully charged and/or connected to an external energy source
YesNoNot Observed*
Test administration process started on time as scheduled
Classroom attendance was taken, absent students documented
No students admitted after the start of testing
Examiner's Manual available and used by test administrator and/or console fully functioning
Sufficient supply of test materials, laptops, and/or computers were available for administration
Extra pencils, erasers, scratch paper supplied and available to students
Test materials to include authorization tickets, test booklets and answer sheets were handed to each examinee individually by a member of the test administration team
Test materials checked to ensure that answer booklets correspond to the correct test book forms and grades and/or Authorization Tickets correspond to the correct student examinee
Adherence to test directions as stated in the manual; Instructions read clearly and verbatim from manual
Calculator policy was administered correctly
Students were monitored to ensure correct use of answer booklet, computer and/or lap top
Students were periodically informed as to the amount of time remaining for testing
Test Administrators and Proctors were actively engaged in the administration of the assessment
Students complied with directions given by test administrator, proctor or technology coordinator
Test materials, authorization tickets, and booklets collected promptly, systematically, completely from each student
Test materials checked and counted and/or students logged off the computer before dismissal of examinees
Please answer only Item 1 or Item 2 depending upon the mode of assessment
YesNoNot Observed*
Instructions read clearly and verbatim from manual
Clear, loud voice heard all over room
YesNoNot Observed*
Authorization, seal codes, and passwords were issued in accordance with vendor directions
Students were logged into/out of test in a timely manner
Non assessment related applications (cameras, email, instant messaging, iTunes, etc) have been closed and/or disabled on laptops/computers used by students to take the assessment
Accessibility and accommodations features (when applicable) were accessible
YesNoNot Observed*
Adequate spacing was provided between seats, rows and computers for student self-reliance
Bulletin boards and walls free of improper information for test security
Computer screens were free from glare or appropriately lit to accommodate low light
Desks/tabletops clear of extraneous materials
All examinees facing forward and in the same direction (unless tables were used)
Good atmosphere for quiet work
Unnecessary interruptions limited (e.g., phone/bell ringing, announcements, background noise)
YesNoNot Observed*
Adequate provisions were made for students who needed accommodations to complete the test without disrupting testing for other students
Students needed extended time were given|Students needed extended time were given additional time (only the amount specified by the test vendor) to complete the session during the period scheduled for the same day
School adhered to required testing schedule (please note all deviations)
Make-up sessions and handling of disruptive students was consistent with other test administration
Secure materials were returned promptly upon the completion of the testing session each day
Student sessions were appropriately closed at the conclusion of the test
There was an observable plan for the receipt of test materials (answer sheets, booklets, lap tops, computers, access codes) from test administrators and proctors requiring them to sign materials in
Secure materials (access codes, passwords, test booklets and answer sheets, among others) were stored in a secure area in process for shipment to the test vendor, destruction or secure recycling (as applicable)
Very PoorPoorFairGoodExcellent
Test security at beginning
Administrative procedures
Test environment
1.Delivery of test directions or
2. Computer accessibility
Accommodations for special populations
Test security at end
Overall rating of program

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