Pledge to #SaveDCTAG

Join Our Effort to Save DCTAG

On February 12, 2018 the Trump Administration eliminated funding for the DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG) program in its Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request to Congress. Established nearly two decades ago in 1999, DCTAG was created to expand higher education choices for college-bound residents of the District of Columbia by providing grants of up to $10,000 toward the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition at public colleges throughout the US, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Currently DCTAG is helping DC students attend over 300 colleges and universities nationwide. Since its inception, the program has served over 26,000 students - many of whom would not have enrolled in college without the program. By terminating funding, the administration is adding unnecessary roadblocks that may prevent students from achieving their dreams and will limit their ability to pursue diverse career goals .

DCTAG is worthy of continued funding as an investment in our future. We call on Congress to approve this investment in higher education for DC students.

Sign the petition below to urge Congress to fully fund DCTAG in the FY2019 budget:

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