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Demand Congress Pass Legislation to Protect TPS Recipients from El Salvador

Demand Congress Pass Legislation to Protect TPS Recipients from El Salvador

On January 8, 2018, the Trump Administration announced the termination of Temporary Protected Status for El Salvador, effective September 9, 2019. Established two decades ago, TPS allows the nationals of certain countries – countries facing armed conflict, environmental disaster, or other conditions of an extraordinary nature – to obtain work permits and live legally in the United States. This program has provided a lifeline to nearly 200,000 Salvadorans nationwide, including over 30,000 Salvadorans in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 

Our Salvadoran Washingtonians are integral members of our community. The Trump Administration’s termination of TPS for El Salvador status was unnecessary and dangerous, and will expose thousands of our friends, neighbors, colleagues to the life-threatening conditions that they came here to escape. Now, Congress cannot avoid its responsibility to protect these long-term, hard-working residents and provide them with permanent status. We are advocating for Congress to pass a bipartisan solution that will provide legal status for Salvadorans with TPS.

We are committed to DC Values and the values that have long defined this nation. We call on Congress to pass legislation to protect TPS recipients immediately. 

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