Transport DC Complaint Form

Use this form to file a complaint about a Transport DC trip in the District of Columbia. The Department of For-Hire Vehicles has jurisdiction over public vehicles for hire which are licensed in Washington, DC only. If the vehicle does not fit this description, direct your complaint to the appropriate jurisdiction’s taxicab licensing agency.

You can complete this form online, fax it to (202) 889-3604, or mail it to:
Department of For-Hire Vehicles Transport DC Complaints
2235 Shannon Place, SE
Suite 2001
Washington, DC 20020

Complainant Information
Taxi Information
Provide as much information about the taxicab and driver as you can. Missing information may prevent the Department from identifying the driver and resolving your complaint.
Trip Information
(if applicable)
(do not include briefcases, purses, grocery bags, or articles of similar size)
(attach a copy of your receipt if one was provided)
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