Unclaimed Property Inquiry Form

To find out whether you are entitled to recover unclaimed property that has been turned over to the District of Columbia, please fill out the following online inquiry form.

The required fields (marked with an asterisk) are to be completed with information about YOU, so that the DC Office of Finance and Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Unit can contact you in reference to your search request. To search for property belonging to family or friends, please put their names in the "Other Names" section of the form.

Please note that this form is not an Unclaimed Property Claim Form. If you have already identified with certainty that property belonging to you has been turned over to the District, you will need to complete and sign an Unclaimed Property Claim Form in order to have the property returned to you. To receive a copy of the claim form in the mail, simply check the box below requesting that a claim form be sent to you at the address you provide in the required fields, or call our office at (202) 442−8181.

Your Information
Other or Previous Names

 (Use these  optional  fields if your property may have been held jointly or under another previous name, or if you would like us to search for property belonging to friends or family members.)


Previous Addresses

 (These  optional  fields will help us to distinguish those for whom you have requested a search from the District’s other residents − some of whom may have similar names.)

Institutions Holding Your Property
(Use this optional field if you think a particular institution may have surrendered your property as abandoned. You may indicate up to two such entities below.)

Other Helpful or Identifying Information and Comments, Questions or Suggestions  (Is there any other identifying information, including account numbers, which you believe would be useful to the Unclaimed Property Unit in identifying or distinguishing property belonging to you which may have been turned over to the District?  This is an  optional field.)

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